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Welcome to our Customer Manual Portal Lose your Blinky Kit manual? Forgot the jumper settings for stereo gain output of your UAM4SYS? No Problem! Here you’ll find all the manuals from our hobby products. These manuals are for customer use only, publication is strictly prohibited.
AA7B Active Antenna Kit MB1 Mad Blaster 15 Watt Audio Alarm Kit
ABCE1 Vintage Radio Battery Eliminator Kit MC1 Super Sensitive Power Microphone Kit
ABM1 Passive Airband Monitor Kit MD3 Microwave Motion Detector Kit
ABM1WT Passive Airband Monitor Kit, Assembled ML1 Music Lights Kit
AM1C AM Broadcast Transmitter Kit MSC1 DC Motor Speed Control Kit
AM25C Synthesized AM Broadcast Transmitter Kit O
AR1C Aircraft Band Receiver Kit OM2 Optically Isolated Interface Kit
AR2 Aircraft Receiver Kit P
AR2L Runway Lighting Controller Kit PG13 Plasma Generator Kit
AR2WT Aircraft Receiver Kit, Assembled PGA1 Personal Guitar Amplifier Kit
AVS10C Automatic Sequential Video Switcher Kit PGA1WT Personal Guitar Amplifier Kit, Assembled
B PM50 RF Power Meter Kit
BD416 Binary 4 to 16 Line Decoder Kit PR10 2 Meter Low Noise Preamp Kit
BE164 Binary 16 to 4 Line Decoder Kit PR100 VHF Low Noise Preamp Kit
BE66 Blinky Eyes Animated Display Kit PR20 220 MHz Low Noise Preamp Kit
BN9 "Super Sleuth" Audio Amplifier Kit PR40 440 MHz Low Noise Preamp Kit
BS2C Bullshooter Endless Loop Voice Recorder Kit Q
C QAMP20 20 Meter 20 Watt QRP Linear Amplifier Kit
C2000 Video Cube Transmitter QAMP30 30 Meter 20 Watt QRP Linear Amplifier Kit
C2001 High Power Video Cube Transmitter QAMP40 40 Meter 20 Watt QRP Linear Amplifier Kit
CCT1 Coaxial Cable Tester QRP20 20 Meter (14 MHz) CW Transmitter Kit
CPO3 Code Practice Oscillator Kit QRP30 30 Meter (10 MHz) CW Transmitter Kit
CW7C E-Z Key CMOS CW Keyer Kit QRP40 40 Meter (7.0 MHz) CW Transmitter Kit
DCI1C DTMF Controller Interface Kit RB1 Rat Blaster Kit
DCI2 DTMF Touch-Tone Control Interface Kit RF1 Sniff-It RF Detector Probe
DCI2WT DTMF Touch-Tone Control Interface Kit, Assembled RFS1 RF Sensing Switch Kit
DDF1 Doppler Direction Finder Kit RI1 Relay Interface Kit
DVMS Digital Voice Message System Kit RR1C IR Remote Repeater Kit
E RRW1B Wireless IR Remote Repeater Receiver Kit
ECG1 Electrocardiogram Heart Monitor Kit RX433 Wireless RF Link Receiver / Decoder Module 433 MHz
ECS1 Electronic Cricket Sensor Kit RXD433A Wireless RF Link Advanced Receiver / Decoder Module 433 MHz
EDF1 Electronic Dripping Faucet Kit RXD916 Wireless RF Link Receiver / Decoder Module 916 MHz
FM100B Professional FM Stereo Transmitter Kit SA7 Broadband RF Preamp 500 KHz - 1.0 GHz Kit
FM100BEX 1 Watt Professional FM Stereo Transmitter Kit SBRGB Super Blinky SMT Practice Kit
FM100BWT 1 Watt Professional FM Stereo Transmitter Kit, Assembled SCA1 SCA FM Subcarrier Decoder Kit
FM10C FM Stereo Transmitter Kit SG7 "Speedy" Personal Speed Radar Kit
FM25B Synthesized FM Stereo Transmitter Kit SGC1 Stereo Gain Controller Kit
FM30 Digital FM Stereo Transmitter Kit SHA1 Stereo Headphone Amplifier Kit
FM35 1 Watt Digital FM Stereo Transmitter SHA2 Super Stereo Headphone Amplifier Kit
FMA200 5/8 Wave FM Broadcast Antenna SM100 Signal Magnet Noise Reduction Antenna Kit
FMBA1 High Intercept Point FM Broadcast Amplifier Kit SM3 Realistic Police Siren Kit
FMLP1 FM Transmitter Lowpass Filter Kit SMD1 Stepper Motor Driver Kit
FR10 10 Meter FM Receiver Kit SR2C 4 MHz - 19.5 MHz Shortwave Radio Kit
FR146 2 Meter FM Receiver Kit SS70A Speech Scrambler / Descrambler Kit
FM Broadcast Band Receiver Kit STC1 Stereo Transmitter Companion Kit
FR220 220 MHz VHF FM Receiver Kit T
FT146 2 Meter FM 5 Watt Transmitter Kit TD1 Dual Tone Decoder / Encoder Kit
HR20 20 Meter (14 MHz) All Mode Receiver Kit TFM3 Tri-Field Meter and "Ghost Detector" Kit
HR40 40 Meter (7.0 MHz) All Mode Receiver Kit TG2 Tone Grabber DTMF Decoder Kit
I TM100 Professional 88 - 108 MHz Antenna Kit
ICI1 IR Control Interface K it TS1 Dual Circuit Electronic Touch Switch Kit
ICI16 16 Channel IR/RF Remote Interface Kit TS4 The Tickle-Stick Shocker Kit
IG7 Ion Cannon - Ion Generator Kit TT1C "Tattle-Tale" Telephone Recorder Kit
IR1 Infrared LED Lighting Kit TT7 Touch Tone Decoder Kit
  IN8214 Nixie Tube Clock Kit TV6C Television Transmitter Kit
IN8214WT Nixie Tube Clock Kit, Assembled TX433 Wireless RF Link Transmitter Module 433 MHz
L TXE433A Wireless RF Link Advanced Transmitter / Decoder Module 433MHz
LB56 Infrared Light Beam Communicator Kit U
LBC6K Laser Beam Communicator Kit UAM2 Universal Audio Amplifier Kit
LEDS1 LED Strobe Light Kit UAM4 40 Watt Universal Stereo Audio Amplifier Kit
LEDS20 LED Strobe Light 20 LED Array Kit UAM4SYS 42 Watt Universal Audio Amplifier System Kit
LEDS8 LED Stick Kit UAM4SYSWT 42 Watt Universal Audio Amplifier System Kit, Assembled
LLS1 Laser Light Show Kit UP24B Ultimate Pressure Sensor Kit
LPA1 Power Booster Amplifier UP24BWT Ultimate Pressure Sensor Kit, Assembled
LPY1250Y Yagi PCB Antenna 1250 MHz - 1300 MHz UT5 Ultimate Timer Kit
LPY2 The "Logi" Log Periodic Antenna 900 MHz - 2600+ MHz UT5A Universal 555 Timer / Oscillator Kit, Through-Hole
LPY244P 4-Bay PCB Patch Antenna 2.4 GHz UT5AS Universal 555 Timer / Oscillator Kit, Surface Mount
LPY245Y Directional Yagi PCB Antenna 2.4 GHz V
LPY3 The "Logi" Log Periodic Antenna 850 MHz to 6000+ MHz VG200 200kV Van de Graaff Generator
LPY41 The "Logi" Log Periodic Antenna 400 MHz - 1000 MHz VLF1 Low Bander Low Frequency SWL Converter Kit
LPY518V Vivaldi PCB Antenna 5 GHz - 18 GHz VS1 "Vox" Voice Activated Switch Kit
LPY58P Quad Patch PCB Antenna 5.8 GHz W
LPY915Y Yagi PCB Antenna 900 MHz - 930 MHz WCT3 Tri-Mode Keyless Entry Test Set Kit
LPYSERIES "Logi" Series & 915 MHz Yagi PCB Antennas WCT3WT Tri-Mode Keyless Entry Test Set Kit, Assembled
LSW1 LED Switching Supply Kit WEB1 Walking Electronic Bug Kit
LTS1 Laser Trip Sensor Kit WTS1 Wireless Trip Sensor Kit
    ZMXX Compact Nixie Tube Clock Kit