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Ramsey Electronics Model No. RRW1B

Have you ever been frustrated with the range of your remote

controls? Tired of having to bounce your IR remote off of

ceilings and walls? Do you want to run your system from

another room or floor? Here is the answer to your prayers!

Extend the range of your remote controls through walls, around

corners, and even from outdoors!


The separate IR Receiver module (RRW1A) with sensitive element

can receive your remote control’s signal up to 36 feet away before

re-broadcasting it wirelessly!


The receiver (RRW1B) reconstitutes the radio signal using a PIC

micro-controller to restore noisy or weak signals and then re-

broadcasts the IR remote’s signal to your components via a wired

high-efficiency IR LED.


Extend the range of your remote control to greater than 100 feet

wirelessly beyond the receive range of the IR sensor. Greater than

300 feet with a directional antenna pair (available separately).


Works with almost any remote control (38 kHz carrier), does not

need to be programmed.


Operate from 8V to 16V AC or DC. Use our AC125 wall adapters

for long operation.


LED indicator lets you know when you are receiving an IR signal

or not.


Customer Use