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Ramsey Electronics Model No. SGC1

Annoyed by the level differences between different audio signals,

commercials, local and network programming on your favorite radio or

TV station? Place the SGC1 in the audio signal path of any audio

signal and it will level them out while preserving the dynamic integrity

of the audio.

The SGC1 is more than just a stereo gain controller. Developed

originally by CBS Labs to improve and regulate the audio signal

levels, it incorporates the functions of both a limiter and compressor in

a way that preserves the dynamics of the original signal. The SGC1

is an ideal addition to any of our transmitters, or other analog stereo

audio source, to automatically limit audio input levels and

automatically compensate for level variations between audio sources.

All this in a rugged compact aluminum case.

Stereo Gain




Stereo audio compressor/limiter functions while preserving audio



True stereo control keeps virtual sonic source location intact.


Automatic set-and-forget operation.


Auto-bypass restores original levels when power is turned off.


Unbalanced analog RCA and 3.5mm stereo input and output line level



Built in Dot-Bar meter indication of signal level.


Slim aluminum case matches our FM30, FM35 and UAM4SYS products.


100VAC—240VAC, 60Hz/50Hz input, regulated 12VDC output wall-wart

supply included.


Customer Use

O ly